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Returns Policy

If it's due to our error, you can return a faulty or defective product for replacement within 14 days of purchase. Please contact Artwear Direct for instructions on lodging a return.

What Can Be Returned:

  • Defective or incorrect t-shirt or garment supplied
  • Defective or incorrect print supplied
  • Damage in transit

What Can't be Returned:

  • T-shirts or garments where you've changed your mind
  • T-shirts or garments of incorrectly selected size, style, colour or quantity

When a return is required, please send a copy of your postage receipt to Artwear Direct for a full credit or refund of return postage.
When a return is required due to damage in transit, please photograph the package as it was recieved and a description of the exact damage to the product inside.

Email the photos and written description to Artwear Direct, you will then be given further instructions on returning your purchase.


Within Australia we use Express Post.

Internationally we use Pack and Track International.

If you require a different shipping method, please let us know in the comments field when checking out and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


Artwork Policy

Customer Supplied Artwork

All customer supplied artwork remains the property of the customer and their copyright is respected. This includes photos, hand or digitally created original artworks, or any other artwork that the customer holds legal copyright to. This copyrighted material will not be reused to produce any product for anyone other than the person who supplied such material. This material is kept on file for reprints only for the original purchaser.

Artwear Direct Created Artwork

Artwork created by Artwear Direct for use in printing original t shirt designs remains the property of Artwear Direct. All rights are reserved.

The purchaser is not entitled to use a custom designed artwork for any other purpose without express written permission from Artwear Direct. A fee to use such artwork for other purposes may be required.

Artwear Direct reserves the right to use, modify, and print designs it holds copyright to for any purpose it sees fit, including sale of printed garments, other printed media, advertising including in print and digitally.

A customer is entitled to have garments reprinted with an Artwear Direct custom designed image at the usual garment printing price.

Artwear Direct gives permission for customers to photograph or otherwise obtain digital images of garments they have purchased and to use such images in their own media including print, web sites, blogs and social media.

Offensive Material

It is not the policy of Artwear Direct to censor what customers want to say or portray. Likewise it is not for Artwear Direct to judge what is offensive and what is not. What may be offensive to one person may be part of daily life for someone else. We therefore let our customers decide for themselves what they deem to be appropriate. It is our customers who wear what they have printed and if they are comfortable to have a design printed then we are comfortable to print it for them. The only caveat is we will not print anything that is blatantly illegal such as child pornography.